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Swathi Nakshatra

The great God Narasimha who had the half-man and half-lion is 4th incarnation of Lord Vishnu. He appeared for Pirahalad from the Pillar. He killed the King Hiranyakashipu without showing any disrespect to Lord Brahma's boon and re-established dharma. Lord Visnu took Narasimha Avathar in Viashaka Month on Swathi Nakshatra day. This  is celebrated as Narasimha  Jeyanthi and every suwathi of each month  is celebrated as birthday of God Lakshmi Narasimha.  God Narasimha has always been related to power and victory . He is depicted as a great protector of his devotees at the time of need and eradicate the ignorance.

This Janma auspicious day is calculated based on Swathi Nakshatra. This is the right day to worship God Narasimha by performing abhisegam and distributing prasatham and Panagam at the temples of Narasimha. Devotees can celebrate the same way at their home too. This the holy day in which God Narasimha and Goddess Lakshmi relieves of all problems of his devotees and Blesses them with success, wealth, victory and prosperity. This is the right day to pray and seek blessings to break through psychological blocks that stop you from achieving worldly success, and to get rid of all negative qualities like jealousy, ego and obstinacy that are hindering and restricting you from moving forward in your life.

Those who worship Lakshmi Narasimha on this day , can ensure your material wealth in abundance and all your spiritual and material benefits will be accomplished. This is the holy day in which God Narasimha blesses  his devotees to come their wishes true. The day's energy also helps to clear your mind to be focused on receiving spiritual and material blessings.

By worshiping Lord Narasimha on this holy day, all devotees overcome debts, financial difficulties, relationship issues and legal issues. He protects you  from accident, disease and ailments. He releases you from evil spiritual and from enemies caught up. He Brings peace of mind, maintains cordial relations. Eliminates jealousy, hatred, enmity and ego in your mind. Supports spiritual elevation and helps them attain salvation. Clears bad karma, remove obstacles and fill your lives with love and compassion and eternal bliss. Weaken planetary afflictions.

So on this day, it is optimal to invoke Narasimha to help you to fulfill all your wishes and gain freedom to act without negativities holding you back and expand the divine blessings into your life.

Swathi Celebration
Swathi Celebration At Malaysia Temple August 2018

Swathi Celebration At Malaysia Temple August 2018