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Sri Ramanuja

Sri Ramanuja is the most venerated Achariya in the Philosophy of Sri Vaishnavism. He was born in a Prahmin family to mother Kanthimathy and father AsuriKeshava Somayagi  in 11th century in the village of Sri perumbudur near modern Chennai, Tamil Nadu in 1017CE. Sri Ramanuja birth name was Laksmana and also referred as Ilaya Perumal which means the radiant one. His philosophical foundation for devotionalism were influential to Bakthi Movement.

Ramanuja married, moved to Kanchipuram and studied in an Advita Vedanta monastery with Yadava Prakasa as first Guru. Later continued and finished learning the Vedas, Shastras, Agamas, Itihasas, Purana, Divya Prabandha etc from Periya Nambi, Periya Thirumalai Nambi, Thirukoshtiyur Nambi and few other Acharyas. Later Ramanuja removed his marriage life and became a Hindu Monk. He was a grate Hinu Philisopher and thinker.

The saint Ramanuja visited thirukostiyur nambi 18 times and received  the divine teaching and revealed the full meaning of the Thirumantra ‘  Om Namo Narayana” to the masses to uplift every  jiva in this material world.

Ramanuja spent his last days in Srirangam. After spending 120 years on this Earth and observing 100 Chaturmasyams, Ramanuja  ascended to the divine realm of the Lord in 1137 CE. Ramauja Jeyanthi celebrates during Chitthirai  on thiruvathirai nakshtra day.

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