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Jai Sri Narasimha! Namaskaram.  This is Adiyen (Thy Humble Self) SRI MAHALAKSHMI Speaking. The Thaaraga (Chanting Mantra) Mantra ‘Jai Sri Narasimha’ is a Very Powerful Mantra. You Need To know the Source, the ‘Karu’, the ‘Rishi (Meaning) of This Mantra.

All over the World The Spiritual People are Reciting This Mantra – ‘Jai Sri Narasimha’.

Where Did This Mantra Originate From? Definitely, One Needs To Know About The Mantra And The Source, The RISHIMOOLAM, The Origin Of This Mantra. For That Reason,That I Am Posting This Information on Our Website.

Adiyen Name is Sri Mahalakshmi Blessed With The Grace Of Goddess Sri Mahalakshmi. Divine Mother Goddess Sri Mahalakshmi Introduced Adiyen To Daddy, Sri Lakshmi Narasimha. Daddy Instructed Me To Recite And Spread This Mantra To The World At ‘Brahma Muhurtam’ (Early Morning 4.00 A.M). He Told This in My Conscious State, Not In My Dreams.  I Can Comprehend ‘Aruvam –( i.e. What Cannot Be Seen By the Bare Eyes ‘Uruvam’ )- What Can Be Seen By The Eyes.  I Was Awakened By The Call Of My ‘Daddy’ at  4.00 A.M.

(Me) Yes ‘Daddy’

(Daddy) Amma, Spread My Thaaraga Mantra ‘Jai Sri Narasimha,’ To The World. Today,  The Chithirai Month, Friday 14th  April 2017 – I Am Officially Recording/Stating This Today,That I Have Been Permitted To State / Record This.

‘Will I Be Able To Do This Dad,’ I Asked Daddy Sri Lakshmi Narasimha.He ‘Daddy’ Said That, am (Myself) The Only Person Who Can Carry This Out. I Was Not Even Famous Then, Just An Ordinary Person Sri MahalakShmi Amma, Whom Everyone Believes To Be Divine.

But When Daddy Stressed That I Am The Only Person Who Can Carry Out His Wish, I Could Not Understand At That Moment. But Now, I Understood The ‘THE SUITCHAMUM – The Essence (Tactics).  ‘SUITCHAMAKARI is My Other Name.


NARA NARA NARA NARA NARASIMHA – His Avatharam (Avatar) – He is an Incarnation That Is Neither Fully Human Nor A Lion. Therefore, Narasimha Is The Correct Word.This Clarifies The Misconception Of IndruSimha as used By Some ‘Pattachaarigal (Temple Priests)’.

What did Daddy say? He Told To Spread My Mantra ‘JAI SRI NARASIMHA’.

There is The Mantras ‘Om Nama Sivaya’ For Lord Shiva, ’Om Namo Narayana‘ For Lord Narayayana and ‘RatheKishna’ For Lord Krishna.

 I (Daddy Narasimha) Want You To Spread My Mantra “ Jai Sri Narasimha”.

I (Amma) Have Been Asked To Fulfill This Wish Since The Time I Came Into Spirituality Which Is 4 Years Ago. This Mantra Is Not So Famous As Yet Since It Is Only Mainly Used Among Our Devotees. We (Devotees) Greet Amongst Ourselves With Jai Sri Narasimha Namaskaram instead of Hello.

Jai Means Victory.  Daddy’s Valuable Thaaraga Mandra.  In Ahobhillam (A Place In Andhra Pradesh, India) For Prahalatha. He Took This Avatar (Incarnation). We Have Put Up The Signboard Stating This Mantra.  We Have Also Raised His Flag. Next, We Did The Same In Thirumalai And Thirupathi.

Only If Mahalakshmi Speaks/Instructs, There Will Be Light, Shine. It Will Be Luminous. Mother Sri Mahalakshmi Is The One Who Can Give The Glory, The Light And The Subiksham (Auspiciousness). I Am Referring To Goddess Mahalakshmi Who Is Sitting On Lord Sri LakshmiNarasimha’s Lap. So, There Is No World Without Mahalakshmi Thayar.

There is No Wealth/ Auspiciousness Without Mother. A Country Or Home Or Community Or People Can Make Progress Only By Mother’s Grace. You Need Mother Mahalakshmi Thayar Who Is Able/Willing To Give Wealth For Anything.  Mere Glance From Mother Mahalakshmi is Enough.That is Why Lord Narasimha Instructed Me To Spread The Mantra ‘Jai Sri Narasimha’ To The world.

Jai  Means – Victory;  Sri Means – Mahalakshmi Thayar; Narasimha Means  – Daddy.

‘IndruSimha’ – is used Frequently By Brahmins, Temple priests. But This Cannot Be Translated Accurately In English Because, IndruSimha Refers To The Kings.  He is Narashima – With The Face Of A Lion, The Body Of A Human, And Long Nails.

This Mark Can Be Seen Placed Brightly At The Lakshmi Narasimha Temple At These Places.

All Temples Are Blessed With Subiksham (Auspiciousness) Wherever, This Mantra Board Is Placed. Subiksham Is Happening (i.e Huge Crowds Are Attracted To These Places.  In The Same Manner, In Places Like Parikal, Puvarasakuppam, Abishegampakkam  Jai Sri Narasimha Mantra Board Has Been Placed. We are Going To Place The Signboard in Sholinganallur (Chennai) As Well.

In The Yoga Narasimha Temple In Madurai, We Are Going To Place The Board This Week. We Are Raising The Narasimha Thaaraga Mantra Board In All These Famous Temples. This Audio Speech Of Mine Is To Explain The Origin Of The Thaaraga Mantra ’JAI SRI NARASIMHA.

Early In The Morning During ‘Brahma Muhurta’ Time, Lord Sri Narashima Instructed Me (Her Daughter) To Spread The Mantra ‘Jai Sri Narasimha’ To The World Which Am Doing Now. I Was Doubtful About This As I Was Only A Woman And Can I Do It?  I Have Release This Mantra To The World. When All Other Highly Spiritual People Had Not.

Nobody Has Released This Thaaraga Mantra ‘Jai Sri Narasimha’.

Lord Narasimha Instructed Me (This Mahalakshmi) To Release This Mantra. The Jai Sri Narasimha Mantra Is Very Powerful;

Whoever Chants This Mantra, I Will Give Them Abundance, (Narasimha) He says, This Mantra is Very Powerful Regardless of Whether They Know Me Or Not. I Do Not Need To Prove The Power Of This Mantra. Stating (Chanting) This Mantra We Have Placed A Huge Board In ‘Aghobilam.’ We have Raised The Jai Sri Narasimha Flag At The Peak Of That Hill. We Have Placed The Board In Thirumalai and Thirupathi Also.  We Are Raising The Jai Sri Narasimha Thaaraga Mantra Sign Board In All The Great Temples/Places.

I Have The Responsibility Of Sharing The Origin, The Source, Rishimoolam, The karu Of This Thaaraga Mantra. I Am Releasing This Since The Lord (Daddy) Narasimha Has Told Me To Publish This Today On This Day Of Tamil New Year 14th April 2017.

Everyone Has Their Own Thaaraga Mantra.

  •  Nama Sivaya
  •  Namo Narayana
  •  RadheKrishana


In The Same Manner, We Recite /Chant Govinda! Govinda! For Lord Perumal. For Our Daddy, It Is “LAKSHMI NARASIMMARKU JE, SRI MAHALAKSHMI KU JE”.

This Is What You Have To Say. These Are My Teachings. I Am Not A Sage Or A Great Person. By Releasing This Mantra As Per My Daddy’s Instruction, I Have Done What These Great Spiritual /Divine People, Religious Gurus Could Not Accomplish.

In Brahmandapuraana (Ancient Vedic Literature), Yaashagar Maharishi Rishi Has Spread ‘Jai  Jai Narasimha, Sri Sri Narasimha.’ I Was Told By Daddy To Correct It  As “JAI SRI NARSIMHA”. I Do Not Know About This.

Only After Spreading This Mantra And Then Through Research Through The ‘Brahman Purahna’ Did We Find Out/Realise, Yaashagar Maha Rishi Has Written About The Mantra As ‘Jai Jai Narasimha, Sri Sri Narashima’ BUT  Our DADDY’s Mantra, What He Has Instructed Me In His Own Words Is  “JAI SRI NARSIMHA ”. During Brahma Mukhurta Time At 4.00 A.M. About 4 Years Ago, When I Came Into “Prasannam” (Spiritual Blessing / Consciousness) For The First Time, I Was Told By HIM, About This Truly Special Mantra.

Although We Are Not Famous / Popular Yet, I Would Like To Establish This Information For All. Now, We Are Continuously Spreading This Thaaraga Mantra To The Whole World.

I Am Releasing This Audio To Answer Questions To The Future Generations In The Event They Ask The Origins Of This Mantra. I, Sri Mahalakshmi From Trichy ,Am The ONE Who Is Blessed With This Privilege To Spread This Thaaraga Mantra.

Now, Everyone Has Come To Know About SriLakshmi Narasimha Upavasagar (Preacher). I Have Only Given Only One Interview, In Vendhar TV.

I Do Not Require / Need Publicity, Advertising or Money. I Don’t Need Any Of These.

Spirituality Does Not Come In The Presence Unwanted Luxury, It Does Not Come When There Is Excess Greed. I Am Here Without Any Expectations For The Needy People.

If I Am Asked What Is It That Exactly Want, My Answer Is That All Of You In This World Be, Therefore ‘I Am Here As Sri Mahalakshmi To Give Light To All Of You. One Cannot See Goddess Mother Sri Mahalakshmi, Not All Are Blessed To Receive Her Grace. When One Has That Great Treasure One Does Not Need Money, Property, Fame Or Anything.

I Wish To Live A Commitment Free Life.  This Is The Source, The Origin, The RishimoolamOf The Thaaraga Mandra Jai Sri Narasimha.

During Brahma Muhurtha On A Friday At 4 A.M., Ayyan (Lord) Narashimha Instructed Me To Spread The JAI SRI NARASHIMHA Thaaraga Mantra.  I Did Not Know That Divine Chant Until Then, But As Soon As I Realised It, I Spread The Message To The People.

I Taught The People This Thaaraga Mandram.  It is Followed By My Devotees Who Greet Each Other Using Jai Sri Narasimha Namaskaram.  Next, Is The Raising Of The Flag And The Placement Of The Jai Sri Narasimha Thaaraga Mandra Boards.  These Boards Were First Done In Foam Boards And Has Now Been Changed To Solid Official Sign Boards.

Therefore, The Origin Of This” Jai Sri Narasimha Thaaraga Mantra”  Is Established.  My Name,  Adiyen( My Humble Self) Sri Mahalakshmi, From SriRangam, Trichy.

Our Saranalayam (Divine House) Is In Thennur, Trichy At The Address Stated On The Website. Only Now Have  Released My Identity To The World At Large As Before I Was Not Known By Anyone.

My Husband Is A Doctor, But God Does Not Choose Someone Based On Status. I Will Only Give Blessings Only In The Places Announced By Lord Narasimha.

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